I’m very excited to announce that this year I will be emcee for the Mercy High School “Passport to Mercy” Annual Dinner

The dinner will take place on Saturday February 21st at Mercy High School from 6:30pm – 10:30pm.

Tickets and information can be found, here!




I have a few shows coming up next week beginning with my first regular spot at Dangerfield’s Comedy Club on Sunday January 11th at 8:30pm. It’s been a few years since I began doing guest spots there and I finally was passed a few weeks ago. Its a real honor and I’m very happy to get started with regular shows there.

Greenwich Village

Then on January 16th I will be performing on two shows at the Greenwich Village Comedy Club. Showtimes are 10pm and 12am.

Mohegan Sun, CT

The next day I will get up early and take the Greyhound on the Hudson River Line I’m in Mohegan state of mind!

Then its on to Colorado on January 22nd!

See you soon!

– Matt


January 11th – Dangerfields, NY

January 16th – Greenwich Village Comedy Club (10:30p/12:30a)

January 17th – Mohegan Sun, CT

January 22-24th – Loonees Colorado Springs, CO (5 Shows, Thurs-Sat)

Feb 21st – Mercy High School Baltimore, MD

Mar 2nd – McDonough High School Baltimore, MD

Mar 21st Cristo Rey ‘Stand Up for Students’ Benefit – Rams Head Live Baltimore, MD

May 15th, 16th – The Velv Austin, TX

Upcoming Shows

Just wanted to send a quick shout out to my friends at Funny Business.  If you’re a comedian looking for a good agency to work with or a booker looking for a funny comedian you should, well, you should book me but if I’m busy then Funny Business is  good way to go.

Check them out here:


Funny Business


Oct. 19th – Greenwich Village Comedy Club

Oct. 20th – Greenwich Village Comedy Club

Nov. 3rd – Broadway Comedy Club

Nov. 7th/8th – Mohegan Sun (Wilkes-Barre, PA)

Nov. 24th – Broadway Comedy Club

Dec. 7th – Dangerfields


Jan 17th – Mohegan Sun (CT)

Feb 19th – McDonough High School, Baltimore, MD

Feb 21st – Mercy High School, Baltimore, MD

May 15th/16th – The Velv, Austin, TX

May 20th-24th – River Center Comedy Club San Antonio, TX



Upcoming Shows

Tomorrow I am taping two episodes of Comics Unleashed w/ Byron Allen!

You can check out the trailer for the show right here –

New episodes begin airing October 1st!!!


Comics Unleashed

Aug 31st – Greenwich Village Comedy Club 8 & 10pm

Sept 1st – Greenwich Village Comedy Club 10pm

Sept 3rd – Dangerfield’s Comedy Club 9pm

Sept 11th – Hilton Head Comedy & Magic Club, Hilton Head, SC

Sept 16th – COMICS UNLEASHED TAPING, Los Angeles, CA

Sept 18th – Hall & Oates Baltimore, MD (Just Watching)

Sept 20th – Wilkes-Barre/ Scranton, PA

Sept 27th – Davis & Elkins College Homecoming, WV



Upcoming Shows

J Lalonde and I will begin our comedy shows at The Comedy Club OBX  tonight at 9pm. We’re here till Friday so if you have time come on down and check us out!

Also I just signed up for Instagram. Yup. I JUST did. Again actually. Sort of did it once before and never used it but now we’re golden. Instagram ready! If you’d like to follow me and check out some of my pics then please click here.

– Matt


In case you’re a fan of Pandora, and I’d say most of us are, you may be down for a little more laughter in your life. So the next time you’re building a new playlist why not take a minute to check out my station and then om-ba-pa-dow we’re cruising together like Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow. 



8/19-8/22 OBX Comedy Club, Outer Banks, NC

8/24 ITZ Comedy Club Fayetteville, NC

9/3 Dangerfields New York, NY

9/11 Hilton Head Comedy Club, Hilton Head, SC

9/20 Wilkes Barre, PA

9/28 Dangerfields New York, NY