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    10 years a comedian


    I was a production assistant at The Golf Channel (now known as simply, Golf Channel) in Orlando, FL in 2004.  I was in charge of all production aspects of collegiate golf and their long since canceled program, College Central presented by PING. One of my duties was to collect jpeg images of all mascots...


    The Wolf


    Last night we went to a 9pm showing of The Wolf of Wall Street at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. I only mention the start time because as we all know that has a direct impact on the end time and when we’re talking about a 3 hour movie dedicated to the excess, lust, drug abuse and arrest of a scumbag...


    Artie & Us


    My wife and I were having dinner last Friday night at a place called Arturo’s on Houston.  We were celebrating a recent career victory with some pizza at one of the tables on the sidewalk. Arturo’s is a great place for people watching even if it is on a street as busy as Houston. Which,...


    “I’m a comedian.”


    I have one of the rare jobs in the world where absolutely anyone can do it.  It’s odd then that people have also been known to say that being a comedian is the most difficult job in the world.  When in all honesty what they mean is that being a comedian and doing it well are two very different...